Highlights of RisingWave v1.2: The Open-Source Streaming Database

Highlights of RisingWave v1.2: The Open-Source Streaming Database

We are thrilled to announce the release of RisingWave v1.2. Here are the key highlights in this release.

Emit-on-window-close syntax change

The syntax for the emit-on-window-close policy has changed. If your application uses the old syntax, please see the updated documentation and update your code accordingly to avoid any issues.

For more details about Emit-on-window-close, see our documentation.

Streaming job management

With the introduction of the CANCEL JOBS and SHOW JOBS SQL queries, you can now cancel or see the progress of streaming jobs. In RisingWave, a streaming job creates a materialized view. This allows you to save time by canceling streaming jobs that are no longer necessary.

For more details about streaming job management, see our documentation.

Lateral subqueries

This release supports lateral subqueries, which provide you with more methods to perform complex calculations and efficient data transformations. The keyword LATERAL can be included before a subquery’s SELECT statement, enabling you to reference columns from preceding subqueries.

For more details about lateral subqueries, see our documentation.

Sink data to ClickHouse

We now support the integration of the popular database management system ClickHouse. With a straightforward CREATE SINK query, you can easily sink data from RisingWave to ClickHouse.

For more details about sink data to ClickHouse, see our documentation.

New version of Iceberg sink connector

BREAKING CHANGE: The Iceberg sink connector has been updated. If your application included sinking to Iceberg, please review the syntax and parameters on the Sink data to Iceberg guide to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

For more details about the new version of Iceberg sink connector, see our documentation.

Transactions within a CDC table

When you use a native RisingWave sink connector, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Citus CDC, you can enable transactions within a CDC table.

For more details about how to enable this feature, see our documentation.

LIKE expressions

In this release, we support [NOT] LIKE and [NOT] ILIKE pattern-matching expressions, as well as the respective [!]~~ and [!]~~* operators. LIKE expressions can be used in SHOW SQL queries, giving you the option to filter the output for relevant results.

For more details about LIKE expressions, see our documentation.


These are just some of the new features included with the release of RisingWave v1.2. To get the entire list of updates, which includes new regular expression functions, please refer to the detailed release notes.